Deviant Life #40




Confession: I’m somewhat addicted to Apex Legends. I’m kind of trash at it, being a middle aged dude who isn’t usually into multiplayer shooters, but I still love it. Caustic, who Bernard is dressed as in this strip, is one of my mains and I’ve been dying for months to make this joke even though I’m not sure how much overlap there is between Deviant Life readers and Apex Legends players. I hope there’s at least a few and that they find this as funny as I do.

In other news, I made it out to the Sex Expo in at the Brooklyn Expo Center on Saturday. I had a great time. I got meet Lexi and Max from the Off the Cuffs podcast, which was delightful.

I also enjoyed catching up with Dirty Lola, who was there repping for #open, an awesome sounding dating app that breaks with the modern dating app convention of looking at a picture and deciding from that if you’re interested in someone by actually focusing on people finding each other by shared interests. I’m stoked to give that a try, as appearance is seriously one of the least important factors in whether I want to be romantically involved with someone.

Another highlight was catching the “5 Reasons Why Sex Parties are Important” by Hacienda. As someone who has loves sex parties, and has thrown quite a few, I always love hearing people talk about why they’re so great.

The pulled pork sandwich I bought from the expo’s food vendor was tops.

I didn’t stay very long because I’d run into a lot of issues before making it into the expo that had significantly diminished my spoon pool and the expo was quite crowded, draining them further.  I’m glad for the few hours I spent there.

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