Deviant Life #1




I’m happy to introduce Deviant Life, this blog’s new official comic strip. I write them and D. White does the real work of drawing them. I’d draw them myself, except that in a drawing contest I’d place somewhere between a toddler with a crayon and a dying squirrel dipped in paint.

Deviant Life will mostly follow Audrey and her nesting partners, Isaac and Bernard. It’s my intention to post these every first and third Thursday of every month.

(Discerning Deviant is supported entirely through reader sponsorship via the Discerning Deviant Patreon.)

4 thoughts on “Deviant Life #1

  1. Colleen Weisserman

    I will definitely be looking forward to the next installment! I’ve been in a poly relationship for five years and I just bought a house with my nesting partners. I can’t wait to see where this goes ^_^


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