Deviant Life #44




Sugar dating is fascinating to me, as someone who is a strong believer in the validity of openly transactional relationships. Unfortunately, I’ve never had the kind of income to actually be able to afford to explore being a sugar daddy myself, but I’ve often joked about being a high-fructose corn syrup daddy when I’ve ended up helping partners with bills or bought them something they couldn’t afford themselves.

As for current events, it seems I picked a good time to get out of New York City, but a terrible time to put myself in a position where I’m unemployed and semi-homeless.  I’ve been kind of guest room hopping the last 10 weeks. Fortunately, with people who all live in pretty secluded towns, so despite moving around a lot I’ve only really interacted with a small handful of people during that time. Which is good, because my lungs have been fucked as it is the last year and the last thing I need is a severe respiratory illness. 

I hope the rest of you are staying as safe as you feasibly can. I know that’s harder for some than others. This whole situation sucks for everyone.

Anyway, big thanks once again for my Patreon sponsors for making it possible for me to keep posting these despite my lack of personal income right now. I’m sorry all the bouncing around I’ve been doing caused me to miss an update. I’ll try to make it up to y’all in April.

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