Deviant Life #24




As someone who is is always polyamorous but occasionally has been involved in swinging, I’ve often found myself caught between people who don’t understand that polyamory isn’t about pursuing casual sex for purely recreational purposes and people who don’t understand that being polyamorous doesn’t preclude being able to do exactly that.

While the polyamory community has definitely been opening up a lot more in recent years to the idea that sex can be enjoyed outside of long term relationships, as relationships anarchists and those who practice solo polyamory have created more visibility for low enmeshment relationship models, there’s still a lot of people that like to slut shame and tut-tut about “real” polyamory when people are having sex more casually than they think is appropriate.

A lot of it comes from reflexive defensiveness over frequent accusations that polyamory IS just about fucking around, but the level of sex negativity can reach nearly puritan levels when they scoff as sex without commitment as though that hasn’t been standard in even “monogamous” dating culture for as long as my 42 year old ass can remember. A lot of my most loving relationships started with a friendly sexual hook up that sparked a realization that there was a strong emotional connection there and we decided to build on it.

No, polyamory doesn’t mean just fucking around, but neither does it mean you have to be deeply enmeshed in a committed relationship to fuck. Love and sex are different things that go together amazingly well, but it doesn’t diminish one to enjoy the other independently.

In Discerning Deviant news, I’m excited for the next couple of weeks as not only will the next new Deviant Life strip post next weekend instead of the one after in order to catch us up for missing an update over the holidays, but it will be a triple sized update.

As a side note, if you like the idea of Deviant Life strips going up weekly instead of bi-weekly, consider chipping into out Patreon. As of this writing, we’re only $35/month away from reaching our goal before going weekly for real.

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