Deviant Life Pin-Up #1: Someone Wants Attention




Huzzah! I present the first picture of the core Deviant Life trio in color, courtesy of Deviant Life artist D. White.

While the ongoing comic strips will still be black and white, I felt like we needed to go the extra mile for our Patreon sponsors and make the monthly pin-ups, which $3+ patrons will receive digitally and $10+ patrons will receive physical prints of, in color.

Of course, every dealer in vice knows the principle of The First One Is Free so this one is for everyone digitally. $10+ patrons who pledge by the end of July will get a physical copy of this one as a bonus along with the August patron only pin up.

Remember, if we meet our first Patreon goal of $100 per month, we will start putting out Deviant Life strips every week instead of every other week.

(Discerning Deviant is supported entirely through reader sponsorship via the Discerning Deviant Patreon and can also be followed on Facebook, TumblrTwitter, or Instagram.)

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