Deviant Life #16




I know my way around a rope a bit better than Audrey, but I’m just bare bones functionality.  I really admire the skill serious riggers display.

Atlanta fans, I’ll be popping down to Atlanta for the first week of September to take care of some personal business, but since I’ll be in the area anyway I’m going to day pass Saturday at Dragon*Con. I’m not there in any kind of official capacity but if you see me, feel free to say hi.

New York City area fans, I’ll be back in time for Stigma Unbound and CUNT Collective‘s collaborative benefit for the Sex Worker’s Project at the Museum of Sex, Support Your Local Sex Worker on September 10th. As I’ve mentioned before, sex worker rights are an important cause to me, having known and loved many people who’ve engaged in many forms of sex work and having dipped my toe in it myself having topped in a few tickle fetish videos. Please come out and support this often overlooked cause.

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