Deviant Life #8





This actually sort of happened to me. At least, the whole forgetting how many people were in the shower with me at my birthday party part. I clearly remember four other besides myself because I made out with them, and I vaguely remember a sixth person in the shower, but I’m not completely sure. In my defense, that birthday party was 13 years and a lot of alcohol ago. Gotta say, that was a pretty epic party.

Speaking of debauchery, Frolicon is right around the corner and I am so looking forward to spending four days immersed in deviant delights. It’s going to be awesome, especially since I’m not hosting any panels this year so this convention is going to be all about having fun and connecting in various ways to a cornucopia of wondrous people. I’m not sure if I’ll have enough downtime to post any real entries to this blog, but I’ll definitely throw out a tweet or post on the Discerning Deviant Facebook page now and then over the course of May 16-20.

The next Deviant Life strip will be posted on May 22 after I’ve had a day to settle back into reality.

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