Where Has The Discerning Deviant Been?



Obviously, given how long it has been since the last entry into this blog, my life has taken a very different direction than I was anticipating a few months ago.  I don’t want to go into too many details but basically since returning to work as a corporate drone, I’ve lost most of the time and space I’d had for writing and other creative endeavors. It has been a serious problem, one which nearly lead to me taken down this site altogether.

Obviously, the site is still here and here I am updating it, so Discerning Deviant lives on.  It’s just in a state of rehabilitation right now while I work to solve some of the problems that make it difficult to update to my satisfaction. A large part of that is going to be finding a new place to live, as my current situation of couch surfing and mostly living out of a suitcase in a place that doesn’t have internet has not been terribly conducive to getting into my writing zone.

In the meantime, I have something special in the works.  I’ve been conspiring with comic artist D.C. White, with whom I’ve collaborated in the past on such comics as “Hardcore and Lethal” and “Roth & Earl” to create Discerning Deviant’s very own official comic strip, Deviant Life.

I appreciate everyone that has been bearing with me. I can’t make any promises right now, but I hope in the near future that this space will get back to regular updates.

Checking In From New York City



As foretold in earlier entries, I’ve done the thing and moved to New York City.  Even though it had been in the works for several weeks, I have to admit that it didn’t seem completely real to me until I got off the Greyhound bus in Manhattan with the knowledge that I had no plan for returning to Atlanta. At least not anytime soon. Brooklyn is where I call home now, and for the foreseeable future anywhere else I go is be just a visit.

This month has been extremely challenging for me with all the major changes, but now the biggest foreseeable obstacles are behind me and I’ve been reaping the rewards of breaking out of the routine I’d gotten stuck in back in Atlanta. I’m absolutely in love with Brooklyn. I live with one of my oldest friends whom I love like a brother. I can look across the room as I write this to see a woman I have deep love for. I’ve even found a new favorite bar staggering distance from where I live.

I still have a lot of work ahead of me to achieve my goals, but in this moment I’m just happy appreciating how much better my life is now than it was a little over a year ago. I’m really excited by all the potential this new direction opens for me.  Now that I’m mostly settled in and a new month starts tomorrow, I’m looking forward to digging into my huge pile of mini-goals that I will hopefully put me back on track to have the life I want.

Discerning Deviant updates should become more frequent and start having more think pieces again to balance out the personal journey stuff that’s kind of dominated things lately.

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